Compilation: Bezdna Radio Essentials 016

The Threshold People are featured on the new installment of the excellent Bezdna Radio Essentials series, on the Silent Flow netlabel! (Stream or Download)

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Isma Serrano – Processing
[Automatic Behaviour LP, antiritmo #041]
2. Adverb – Efemer
[VA - Electronica 2.0, e20]
3. Hoax – Thursday Evening
[The Insomnia EP, qnb009]
4. 2% – Leeward
[Nowcast, ah035]
5. Stanislav Rubyteno – The Indigo Message
[Flight of Imaginations, ave012]
6. Einmusik – Tisuca (Playone and Griboedoff remix)
[VA - Second Dive, dplm17]
7. Microfly – Synthetic Rain
[format brain:\, candl13]
8. Adamaned.age – Invisible Divider
[Whiteout, ps013]
9. [Ur:Neon:Ono] + The Threshold People – Deja-Vu: caustic_RMX
[The Tales from the Dead Sun Remixes, plague032]
10. Ernaem – Muddy October
[Perceptions, limrec097]
11. Mphm – Magick of Yore
[Dominion, y.036]
12. Joe Frawley Ensemble – False Memory
[Daughters of Industry, ca330]
13. Maps and Diagrams – Shuffel
[The Giant Woods, ykyk019]
14. Silence Drift – Thousand Peaks
[Landscapes Through the Viewfinder, ca344]
15. Carl Sagan’s Ghost – The Patience of a Saint III
[At the End of it All, sfp10]

As you can see, we're in good company. If you enjoyed the Dead Sun Remixes, you'll probably love this compilation.

We'll be back soon with some more exciting news!

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